Business Analysis Agility - James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson.

You can only deliver real value is to understand what your customers actually value, and solve the problems they actually have. Business analysis enables you to do this -- and it’s just as crucial in agile development environments as it was before you adopted agile.

In Business Analysis Agility, world-renowned experts Suzanne Robertson and James Robertson show how to perform effective business analysis that integrates tightly with agile development teams and processes. They introduce a better way of doing business analysis by first identifying customer segments and then developing value propositions for each.

You’ll learn how to use a series of “safe-to-fail probes” to determine the feasibility and viability of each option. Step by step, the Robertsons show how to design your solution for optimal convenience and efficient use of data. Discover how to describe your solution through compelling “story maps” that make it easier to prioritize and manage product backlogs, and stay in control of your product as it moves through development.