Volere (Voh-lair-ray) the Italian verb to want, or to wish.

This is the home of the Volere Requirements Specification Template and other requirements and business analysis resources. Volere is the umbrella that covers the collection of requirements templates, processes, books, consulting and training. Since its inception, Volere has been used by thousands of organizations around the world. Read what some of them have to say.

We offer courses including the flagship Mastering the Requirements Process. This course is based on the acclaimed book Mastering the Requirements Process—3rd edition, Getting Requirements Right. We also provide Mastering Business Analysis and MRP part 2.

Available downloads are the Volere Requirements Specification Template, Stakeholder Analysis, Prioritisation Analysis and the Atomic Requirement Template, or as it is more popularly known, the Snow Card. Some content is free with registration.

Other services include specification and requirements reviews, requirements process design, and consulting to make you better at requirements and business analysis.

Volere encompasses the discovery, communication and management of requirements for any type of system—software, hardware, commodities, services, organizational, or anything else you are developing. Volere works with all development methods—sequential, agile, outsourcing, etc—and with most requirements tools and modeling techniques. Volere requirements techniques are based on experience from worldwide business analysis projects, and are continually improved with input from our users. 


We provide business analysts, requirements engineers,systems analysts, project managers and associated roles with resources, requirements reviews,requirements process design, and consulting.


Our innovative training courses, including the flagship Mastering the Requirements Process, have improved the accuracy and relevancy of requirements gathering for our varied clients in many countries.

news and updates
September 2014

James Robertson’s webinar for Software Education explains how agile stories are best used to ensure the right solution. Writing the Right Agile Stories on YouTube. Download the webinar slides.

New article The Requirements Food Chain explaining the originators and consumers of requirements, and how some people are both.

August 2014

The complimentary ticket to the BA conference for the best answer to the question: What will be the role of the business analyst five years from now? has been won by Maxine Reynolds of BAE Systems:

“In five years the business analyst will be putting a much stronger focus on user experience, with a growth in UX as a key BA skill – the business analyst will be working more closely with strategic suppliers to ensure large scale COTS solutions meet a ‘right first time’ philosophy, are more readily adopted, and improve business practice within business timescales.”

Congratulations Maxine. 

The new version 17 of the Volere Requirements Specification Template has been uploaded.

IREB has published the 3rd issue of the free online RE Magazine

June 2014
arrow We announce a competition with the prize of a pass to the BA Conference Europe, London September 22-24, 2014, normally costing £1374 to attend. Here.

May 2014

IREB has published a whitepaper on Requirements Engineering and Agile Development.  

The first Mastering the Requirements Process course in Stockholm was oversubscribed. Due to demand we have scheduled the next one October 1-3, 2014. Contact Require AB for details.

Suzanne Robertson discusses Scrum versus Kanban

March 2014
arrow Suzanne Robertson is speaking and giving a one-day workshop at the Agilia Conference in Brno, Czech Republic, March 26,27. Please contact Aguarra.

February 2014
arrow The first issue of the RE-Magazine published by the International Requirements Examination Board contains some thought provoking articles, now available.

September 2013

Tom DeMarco's IEEE Software article Bells, Whistles, Power, and the Requirements Process

InformIT have a free downloadable sample chapter from Complete Systems Analysis, and the complete e-book version

New article: Conversations with Martians

August 2013

Complete Systems Analysis - the Workbook, the Textbook, the Answers is now available as a Kindle book. The book contains process and data models for a complete case study as well as a comprehensive reference work for the modelling notations and how to use the models to take a variety of viewpoints.

 The ebook version of Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior, is now available on InformIT.

January 2013
arrow Arismore in Paris are now licensed to consult and teach the Volere Requirements techniques. Arismore have cleverly combined the use of Volere with TOGAF. They represent the Open Group in France through the Architecture Forum.

November 2012

Excellent review of Mastering the Requirements Process posted on Dr. Dobbs.

New article about whether models or natural language are best for expressing requirements.

A new article by Capers Jones on Software Requirements and the Ethics of Software Engineering.

Listen on SE Radio to Neil Maiden's interview with James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson "Requirements in Agile Projects". 

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