Visure Web

Visure Web is an easy-to-use web solution for Requirements Capture, Analysis and Management, specifically designed to foster collaboration between distributed teams of stakeholders, analysts, business analysts, product and project managers, and other team members. One tool for all stakeholders.
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What makes Visure Web different?
1. Helps Extend the requirements process
2. Supports distributed teams
3. Engages all stakeholders: easy to use
4. Fosters collaboration and communication between team members
5. Reduces adoption time of a Requirements Process
6. Reduces cost by providing a single framework for requirements
7. Remote access. Take control of your requirements from anywhere

Visure Web benefits from advanced, proven and powerful requirements management features existing in Visure Requirements like versioning control, categorization and classification of elements through blocks and domains and traceability making them available to all users also through this web client.

November 2012