SPEQit provides a painless way to capture, collaborate, communicate and validate software design and functionality in a single unified platform.  SPEQit creates your software specs so that your engineers can build software correctly the first time.  Eliminate project ambiguities and reclaim countless hours spent on reworking your solutions.

SPEQit is great for teams looking for an effective and efficient way to visually and interactively communicate digital and software requirements over traditional methods and documents.  By capturing your screens, UI elements and interactions on your visual designs with in-context requirements, you can better communicate the intent, experience, flows and business rules of your solutions before they are built.  Produce digital solutions with vision and clarity from the start.

SPEQit is Requirements Management for the Digital Age, ideal for Digital Agencies, Consulting Firms, Application Development Teams and Technology Startups.  

SPEQit for your team
SPEQit is used by all members of your software project team to establish clarity, gain alignment and momentum during the execution of your digital projects.  

  • Solution Architects capture business requirements and map them to solution specifications.
  • Designers share their wireframes and mockups to communicate the intent, interactions and behaviour of their designs and elicit feedback.  
  • Business Analysts capture and communicate solution details with functional and nonfunctional requirements to all project stakeholders
  • Developers understand the scope of the solution and how features should work so that they can build it right the first time.
  • QA Leads and Testers understand flows within the solution so that they can be tested with the appropriate coverage.
  • Project Managers understand the total scope of the project as well as understand the impact of scope changes when they happen to effectively estimate schedule and cost changes.
  • Business Stakeholders and Clients visualize, understand, provide feedback and approve digital solutions.
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SPEQIT accelerates every stage of your project and helps you get your projects and products to market faster while staying on budget and schedule.  Stop documenting specifications and start communicating them to your team.  

SPEQit creates your software specification as you communicate them, helping you keep up with the speed of change on your project. 

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