Software through Pictures (StP) Version 8.3.1

StP consists of several tools that link all phases of the project lifecycle including requirements specifications, analysis and design through to application deployment and maintenance. Amongst the family of tools is the Validator/Req tool which models requirements in UML notation. Validator/Req supports automated syntax and semantic checking to make sure the rules of the modeling language are not violated. Validator/Req also checks the entered requirements information for logical and operational correctness. Also included is the StP/UML tool which is a graphical UML based OO modeling environment which automates requirements discovery, a`nalysis, design, and implementation of object-oriented applications. It includes nine graphical editors one of which is the Use-Case editor which allows the user to perform high-level analysis with usage models to identify requirements. Additional features include the ability to generate test cases, testability reports, and requirements-to-test-case traceability matrices. The latest version includes the following new functionality:

  • Complete UML version 1.3 support
  • Scalable to dozens or even hundreds of simultaneous users without the need to partition models
  • Unique additional support for Safety Critical models and real-time, allowing developers to use StP at the highest levels of criticality as well as for conventional projects
  • Support for Structured Analysis and reverse engineering