SHORE version 2.0

SHORE (Semantic Hypertext Object REpository) is a hypertext repository that provides a consistent view of content from a diverse set of tools, like other repositories, text documents, program source code etc. Requirements documents (or the content of repositories) are converted to XHTML and enhanced with specific markup, which denotes the relationship between objects defined by the various documents. The converted requirements documents can then be accessed in a variety of ways, including using browsers, using queries on the content of SHORE's object structure by creating report documents from SHORE or simply by dumping the content into text files for further processing. The documents, objects, and relationships are specified using SHORE's own simple meta model specification language which can be used to answer questions like which requirements have been derived from a specific use case? Which test cases check a specific requirement? Which use cases and requirements would be affected if a specific class were changed?

SHORE is developed as an open source project and was initially made available by sd&m under the Common Public License. Applications of SHORE are source code repositories for software development or reengineering projects or in general tools for knowledge management.