Scenario Plus

Scenario Plus provides:

a) a free set of Requirements Engineering templates for use with Microsoft Word, covering Stakeholder Analysis, Use Cases, Project Dictionary, and Non-Functional Requirements.
b) a free set of Requirements Engineering tools for use with IBM (formerly Telelogic) DOORS. The tools are arranged as two drop-down menus to fill gaps in the standard DOORS toolset, as described in the book Discovering Requirements.

The Requirements Discovery tools each manage a DOORS Formal Module as the database for a specific model. They are:
•    Stakeholder ‘Onion Model’ Editor
•    Goal Model Editor
•    Rationale Model Editor.

The Requirements Management tools are:
•    Project Information Model Editor & Builder
•    Standard Template Builder
•    ARM-style Requirements Syntax Checker
•    Dictionary Builder & Linker.

May 2011