Requirements Traceability Management (RTM) Version 5.6

RTM supports multiple users working on the same requirements at the same time by implementing locking control on a requirement-by-requirement basis. RTM's toolset supports the ability to capture graphical information as traceable requirements objects. The tool utilizes the native tool, which created the graphics object. A class definition tool is included that allows the user to model any type of hierarchical project data (requirement document, hierarchies, system element structure and WBS). Once the hierarchy is defined generic relationships can also be established to allow cross-reference link information to be established between any active data item. Serena RTM is the only Oracle-basedtool designed to manage all of your Development Data. Sometimes called an Engineering Information Management (EIM) tool, or Development Data Management (DDM) Tool, RTM allows you to organizeand manage all of your Critical Development-related data. RTM offers distinct areas of benefit:

  • Data organization
  • Online collaboration by all stakeholders, regardless of location
  • Management and traceability of requirements, design, tests, tasks, and other development information
  • Visibility into the state of each phase of development
  • Leverages existing tools to ensure participation
  • Manages change at all levels of development
  • Provides for cleaner more concise requirements