Requirements Quality Suite (RQS)

The Requirements Quality Suite (RQS) consists of three tools that are plugins of other RM tools to manage, analyze and improve the quality of the requirements documents/ specifications managed by them.

  • RQA — Requirements Quality Analyzer checks the textual content of your requirements specification and analyzes the correctness, the completeness and the consistency of your requirements. You can configure the RQA according to your own quality policies or follow other well-known set of rules such as the ones defined in the INCOSE Requirements Guide.
  • RAT — Requirements Authoring Tool helps you to write your requirements by using an assistant, using an agreed-upon grammar for different types of requirements and using the concepts coming from a controlled vocabulary. RAT also checks the correctness and the consistency of your requirements on the fly.
  • kM — knowledgeMANAGER helps you to manage the knowledge models that represent your project and allows you to create the patterns (grammars) that will lead the authoring of requirements.

RQS is connected to IBM DOORS, Visure Requirements, Reqtify and Microsoft Excel. RQS is able to analyze requirements written in English, French and Spanish.

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Entry current October 2017