The Art of Innovation. Lessons in creativity from IDEO, America's leading design firm. Tom Kelley

In this book Tom Kelley, the brother of IDEO founder David Kelley, tells stories. And like good stories, we learn from them. Kelley sets out to teach us how IDEO come up with their great products - the original Apple mouse, the Palm V, Handspring Treo, and their Visor Edge, TiVo and countless others. Through his recounting of brainstorming sessions, prototyping efforts and other activities at IDEO, we learn how to do it ourselves.

Why is this important? In the software industry we must continually innovate, and yet we get little training in how to innovate. The lessons that Kelley teaches are applicable to software products ­ not just the flashy desktop products aimed at consumers, but also the day-to-day software that we build for in-house consumption. Try Kelley's book, you will find it enjoyable and valuable.