Systems thinking books Various authors,

Systems thinking has long been treated as a separate discipline. Now this is becoming more recognised as a skill that is of great benefit to Business Analysts. If this is new to you then I suggest you start by sketching dynamics models to clarify your own, and other peoples' mental models. It's amazing how much this helps with communication and how many questions it raises. The following is a list of useful books on Systems Thinking.

  • Russell L. Ackoff (2010) Systems Thinking for Curious Managers. (Triarchy Press). ISBN 978-0-9562631-5-5
  • Peter Checkland, John Poulter (2006) Learning for Action. (Wiley) ISBN 0-470-02554-9
  • Donella Meadows (2008) Thinking in Systems - A primer (Earthscan) ISBN 978-1-84407-726-7
  • John Seddon (2008) Systems Thinking in the Public Sector. (Triarchy Press). ISBN 978-0-9550081-8-4
  • Peter M. Senge (1990) The Fifth Discipline - The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization. (Currency Doubleday) ISBN 0-385-26095-4
  • Gerald M. Weinberg (2001 - revised) An Introduction to General Systems Thinking. (Dorset House) ISBN 0-932633-49-8